03 Mar

How to properly use baking soda in poultry farming?

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a weak alkaline substance that has been widely used in the food industry, sanitation and family life. Today, the chicken cage manufacturers will introduce the use of baking soda in chicken production, and its common functions will now be introduced for the reference of farmers.


  1. Increase the egg production rate: People have experimented that feeding a feed containing 0.1~0.5% baking soda in an environment with a temperature of 25~30°C can increase the egg production rate of laying hens and improve the quality of eggshells.
  2. Anti-heat stress: In the early stage of heat stress, chickens will cause metabolic acidosis due to heat. Drinking water with baking soda can effectively reduce the symptoms of acidosis and play an anti-heat stress role.
  3. Promote broiler growth: Adding 0.1~0.5% baking soda to broiler feed can promote its growth rate and improve chicken quality.
  4. Stomach strengthening: Adding baking soda to the feed can neutralize excess gastric acid, dissolve mucus, increase feed intake and improve digestibility.
  5. Treatment of gizzard erosion: Due to the excessive secretion of gastric acid caused by histamine substances, the glandular stomach becomes inflamed and gizzard erodes. Baking soda can effectively relieve symptoms and promote recovery.


The above is the role of baking soda in automated poultry farms shared by poultry equipment manufacturers for farmers.

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