24 Apr

What kind of chicken farm is needed to use battery cage system for layers?

The construction of the chicken house using the battery cage system for layers must be easy to manage. Modern chicken farm can generally be used for decades, and must not cause losses due to temporary inattention.


Building a chicken farm requires attention.

  1. Convenience of management: The first thing to consider is the convenience of building a chicken farm for future management. Such as ventilation pipes and uniform air windows, three-way two-network and two-way three-network, nipple quality, fan and water curtain area relationship!
  2. The airtightness of the chicken farm. The good sealing performance of the chicken house can be used for the thermal insulation performance, ventilation requirements and negative pressure adjustment of the chicken house in the future. The controllability of the oxygen supply problem plays a decisive role! The quality of these effects is determined by the quality of the airtightness of the chicken coop!
  3. Building thermal insulation. The chicken farm is built once and used for more than ten years. The thermal insulation of the building directly determines the coal and electricity cost of each batch of chickens. Insulation: 1) The material and thickness of the roof and walls of the chicken house should be considered. 2) is the sealing of the roof and walls!
  4. Poultry farm safety. Coop safety includes construction safety, production safety, environmental safety and biological safety! For example: ground hardening and biosecurity, these are things to consider when trying to build a chicken house.
  5. The rationality of the chicken house construction. The rationality is that the rational construction of the chicken farmcan maximize the utilization under the condition of fixed investment. If the chicken house is long and wide, it is good to have reasonable ventilation, and the reasonable length can maximize the utilization of equipment, which is also the reason for standardizing the chicken house.
  6. The standard of the poultry farm. This is to prevent equipment waste, ventilation mode is reasonable, equipment utilization is maximized and management mode can be reproduced! For example, the chicken farmis long, wide and well ventilated! Reasonable length maximizes equipment utilization, which is also the reason for standardized chicken houses.




The advantages of a modern chicken farm.

  1. Large-scale, large feeding capacity, strong anti-risk ability, and large feeding capacity per capita.
  2. It can be raised all year round. Maximize employee benefits.
  3. The feeding management can be carried out according to the standardized management mode, and the feeding management mode can be copied.
  4. Equipped with water curtain cooling equipment: the area of the water curtain is 2.6 times the total area of the air outlet. The matching length * width * depth are respectively 2 meters * 1.5 meters * 1.5 meters of water curtain circulation pool.
  5. 5. Complete temperature supply and insulation system: It is required to debug the temperature supply equipment at night in the coldest weather to ensure that the temperature in the house can reach above 25 degrees under the condition of empty house insulation. Civil construction has good thermal insulation effect.
  6. Buy automatic chicken raising equipment. It can realize automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, and environmental control. To achieve intensive farming.

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