19 Oct

What should we do when the chickens in the layer hen cage are sick

It is very troublesome to raise chickens in layer hen cages, and farmers should pay more attention to the reaction of the chickens. So what should we do when the chickens get sick?

In addition to the rapid diagnosis and timely treatment of chickens after the chickens are sick, the sick chickens must be isolated immediately and special feeding management shall be carried out to restore the health of the chickens as soon as possible.


  1. Feed. First of all, we must improve the nutritional level of feed. According to the reduction in feed intake, the energy level is increased to 1.2 times the normal value; in addition, the vitamin content in the feed must be increased. Then it is necessary to appropriately reduce the fat content in the feed; secondly, it is necessary to increase the number of feedings, and at the same time to moisten the feed to stimulate the chicken's feeding; finally, to keep the feed and facilities clean and hygienic.


  1. Drinking water. Make sure to provide enough clean drinking water when the chickens are sick. If you need to administer the medicine in water, you must first put in the medicine that is easy to dissolve into the water, and then calculate the dosage according to the water requirement of the chicken. Third, pay attention to the effective time of the medicine in the water to ensure that the chickens drink it within the validity period of the medicine. At the same time, it should be noted that the water must not be stopped before taking the medicine.


  1. Keeping the air in the chicken coop fresh is necessary for the management of chickens during illness. However, in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the heat preservation of the chicken house to prevent cold wind and thief wind from invading the chickens. When respiratory diseases occur, do not perform aerosol immunization, and minimize the number of disinfection with chickens.


Poultry farming equipment manufacturers share with you the ways and methods for farmers to deal with when laying hens are sick. Hope these methods can help farmers raise chickens better.

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