11 Mar

Key points of large-scale farming

With the continuous expansion of the market, many people have begun to choose large-scale farming. Through this large-scale management, the number of chickens can be increased, management can be more regular, and later income can be increased. How to carry out large-scale farming?


  First of all, we must choose the quality and healthy chickens. Such chickens will not get sick often. Without so much trouble, they can reduce labor. Moreover, the adaptability, growth ability and nutritional value of healthy chicks are also very high. These will directly determine the economic benefits of the farmers. There is also a good management of the chicken house, the ground of the chicken house should be level, keep the overall environment inside the chicken house dry, not wet, it is necessary to clean the house regularly and give the chicken a healthy living environment. The chicken farm is indispensable for chicken equipment, and you can choose automation equipment. The standardized management of these equipment is mainly divided into two aspects: on the one hand, the function management of the equipment, that is, through daily inspections, there is a general operation of these equipment. The understanding of the equipment, timely repair and ensure the normal operation of the equipment; on the other hand, the clean management of the equipment. Always clean the equipment to ensure safe farming.


  It is necessary to do a good job in epidemic prevention of chicken poultry cage equipment, so as not to increase the chance of disease in chicken farms, and carefully clean up the chicken houses. Remember not to buy quality anti-epidemic drugs. These drugs often lack quality assurance and should not be used. Some anti-epidemic effects are likely to cause broiler poisoning and bring economic losses to the farm. Therefore, it is necessary to guide farmers to purchase and use drugs correctly.


 Scientific feeding management, and proper temperature management, whether the temperature is suitable is not only to look at the thermometer, but also to see the condition of the chicken, in order to judge whether it is appropriate, in general, at a suitable temperature, the chicken is lively and active, appetite It is better, otherwise, the chicken will be very uncomfortable. Remember to ventilate the chicken to give the chicken a good environment, so as to avoid the ammonia in the house, causing the chicken to get sick.

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