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01 Dec

How do farmers need to manage the chickens that are about to lay in the battery layer cages

The laying period of hens is a very important period for farmers. At this time, farmers should pay more attention to the management of the chickens in the battery layer cages, so that the chickens should not have a stress response. And during this period of time, the hen's physiological changes are drastic, sensitive, weak in adaptability, and poor in disease resistance. Improper feeding and management can easily affect the performance of laying eggs. The following aspects should be paid attention to in the feeding and management of layer cage breeding before the start of production.



Pay attention to immunization of laying hens. Immunization before laying eggs is very important. The immunization procedure is reasonable, in line with the actual situation of the site, the source of the vaccine is reliable, well-preserved, quality guaranteed, the vaccination route is appropriate, the operation is correct, and the dosage is accurate. After vaccination, check the effect of vaccination, and if necessary, carry out antibody testing to ensure the effect of vaccination, so that the chickens have sufficient antibody levels to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Light control of laying hens. Light has a great influence on the reproductive function of chickens. Increasing light can stimulate the secretion of sex hormones and promote egg production, and shortening the light will inhibit the secretion of sex hormones, thus inhibiting ovulation and laying eggs. Through the light control of laying hens, to stimulate and maintain egg production balance. In addition, the light can adjust the sexual maturity of the hens and make the hens tidy, so the light control before and after the birth is very important. Modern high-yielding hybrid lines have the ability to start production early, and light stimulation should be properly advanced to advance the time for new hens to start production, which is conducive to reducing feeding costs.


Maintain a clean and hygienic living environment for laying hens. Farmers can use the automatic ventilation system and manure removal system in the automatic poultry farming equipment to treat and maintain the environment of the chicken house.

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