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23 Dec

The poultry cage system raises layer hens, which season is the highest egg production rate?

Do poultry farmers know in which season the laying rate of laying hens is high when using the poultry cage system? As we all know, the amount of laying hens affects the realization of the production benefits of the laying hen farms, and is related to the economic benefits of the laying hen farmers. Therefore, when the peak of layer production comes, farmers will get considerable benefits.

Therefore, poultry farmers should understand the knowledge of laying hens, and can take care of the poultry when the egg production peak comes.



  1. In which season of the year does the chicken lay the most eggs?

Laying hens usually have a higher egg-laying season in spring, which means that laying hens lay the most eggs in spring. One is because the temperature in spring is suitable, and the other is because the sunshine time in spring is gradually increasing.


  1. The peak period of laying hens.

Most modern layer breeds will be taken care of by automatic poultry farming equipment. Their peak egg production period is generally at 18-19 weeks of age, and the egg production rate at 23-25 weeks of age reaches 50%; peak egg production at 27-29 weeks of age Period (the egg production rate is greater than 90%), the highest egg production rate is more than 95%. The peak egg production period usually lasts about 20 weeks.


It can be seen that in the process of caged laying hens, the peak season for laying eggs throughout the year is spring, and the peak season for laying hens is mostly 27 to 29 weeks of age. The laying hens are carefully made to effectively improve the production efficiency of the laying hens and increase the income of the laying hens.

23 Dec

Things you can't do in poultry layer cages

In order to ensure the egg production performance of the chickens in the poultry layer cages, farmers not only need to have good breeding methods, but also pay attention to the usual management of poultry. Today, I will introduce to you the things that cannot be done in layer cage breeding, which should affect the egg production rate.



  1. Sudden feed change: Although the vegetative reproduction period and brooding period of the layer are different, the feed change work of the layer needs to be completed before laying, and there must be a certain transition time, do not change the feed suddenly.
  2. Raw grain feeding: It is recommended that farmers purchase raw materials to prepare feed according to the nutritional needs of laying hens. This can not only satisfy the nutrition of the laying hens, but also save a lot of feed costs.
  3. Use the anus to touch the egg: During the laying period, some farmers are accustomed to reaching into the anus of the chicken to touch the egg in order to observe the laying performance of the layer. This is very unscientific. Because the fingers are not hygienic, it is easy to bring bacteria to the chicken, causing local inflammation, redness, rupture, prolapse and other symptoms.
  1. Body fat: Laying hens are not broiler chickens and do not need to be too heavy. Excessive weight of layers will affect the laying performance of the laying hens. Fat accumulation of fat in the body will result in a sharp drop in egg production or stop production.

The above are the things that poultry equipment manufacturers can’t do to raise chickens in laying hen cages. Farmers implement scientific chicken raising and don’t do things that have an impact on chicken egg production.

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