15 Jul

Broiler season management technology in chicken house

1, Reduce stress response. Excessive sound, transfer, vaccination, sudden changes in weather, and broken mites are a bad stimulus for chickens, often causing disease. Avoid unnecessary disturbances during feeding. Anti-stress drugs can be administered for prevention before transfer, vaccination, and sputum sputum; cold stress caused by temperature drop is dealt with well.

2, temperature is one of the main factors in the brooding stage, the appropriate temperature can give the maximum benefit of the feed. Too low a temperature can cause respiratory illness and death in chickens. The first week of autumn and winter brooding is generally controlled at 35 ° C ~ 36 ° C, and then decreased by 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C per week, the second is according to the chicken reaction, when the temperature is too low, the chicken screams piled up, when the temperature is too high, the chicken is Dispersed and wheezing, the temperature is suitable for the chickens to be evenly distributed. It is also possible to use a combination of a thermometer and a sense to determine if the temperature is suitable for poultry farming equipment


3, The density is too large, causing the growth of the chicken to be unbalanced. The harmful gases in the air increase, especially in the autumn, the humidity is high, and the chicken is easy to infect E. coli, coccidia, staphylococcus, etc., and the disease epidemic can be accelerated. Therefore, broilers are generally controlled at around 10 per square meter.

4, the chicken house air is fresh, can avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases. Harmful gases or dust in the air can affect the health of the chicken and even cause death. Therefore, ventilation should be carried out without lowering the normal room temperature, reducing the content of harmful gases and dust in the Chicken Battery Farm Equipment For Sale


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