19 Jul

How to effectively increase the production of laying hens?

Layer farming is very common in Africa. Laying hens make profit from eggs. There's also an economic benefit to its succulent quality. Many poultry farmers pay attention to egg production and ignore the meat quality of laying hens. This will reduce the economic benefits of farmers on the one hand. So how to effectively increase the production of laying hens? Layer cage manufacturers analyze from 4 points.


  1. Selection of Poultry Farms.

Poultry farms for laying hens are the first step in developing a poultry farming project. For breeding with battery layer cages, the chicken house should be built in a sunny and ventilated place. The next point is the convenient transportation, close to the water source. Make sure the farm has enough clean water to drink. And subsequent chicken product shipping issues.


  1. Construction of Intensive Poultry Houses

There are certain requirements for the construction of chicken houses to carry out intensive poultry farming projects. First of all, the chicken house has a large area, and the modernization of the chicken house can have enough space to place poultry breeding equipment. It is best to use cement for the floor of the chicken house, which is easy to clean. The chicken house is preferably closed or semi-closed. Conducive to epidemic prevention work.



  1. Buy Poultry Farming Battery Cage System

Battery chicken cages and the use of automated drinking water equipment, automated feeding equipment, automated egg collection equipment, automated manure cleaning equipment, and automated environmental control systems. Help poultry farmers to better develop intensive poultry farming.

The use of layer chicken cages for breeding chicken farms can make full use of the space, and the number of poultry breeding will increase by more than 3 times. The use of automatic poultry equipment reduces the employment of personnel and saves labor costs.


  1. Daily Management Work

Raising chickens with battery cage system requires strengthening daily management. It is necessary to observe the activities and eating conditions of the chickens at regular and fixed points every day. At least two inspections a day are required to remove the feces in the chicken house in time. Take emergency measures to deal with all emergencies, and if any abnormality is found in chickens, quarantine inspection and treatment should be carried out in time.

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