29 Jul

What is the market prospect of developing broiler farming?

Raising chickens is very common these days. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for chicken farming has gradually increased, and the chicken farming industry has become more and more popular. In broiler farming, laying hen farming and farming, the most important and common should be broiler farming.


Battery cage system for broilers are now most commonly used to develop intensive poultry farming. It can realize the characteristics of rapid growth of poultry, short growth cycle, high breeding density and quick benefit.


Rapid growth

Broiler chickens grow much faster than regular chickens. In general, newborn chicks can grow up to 2 kg after two months of feeding. For a turkey, it probably won't grow shag for two months. It has to be said that the growth rate of broilers is still very fast, which means that the income return of breeding broilers is fast.



Short growth cycle

Due to the fast growth rate of poultry in broiler cages for sale, their growth cycle is naturally shorter. If nothing else, it usually takes only two months from hatching to slaughtering, and at this time, the weight of the broiler has fully reached the level of the market. After the slaughter, farmers do not need to spend a long time cleaning the chicken house, and can quickly put into the breeding of the next batch of broilers. If the breeding management goes well, five batches of broilers will be launched within a year. It's entirely possible.


High breeding density

Because broilers are quieter by nature, they don't like to move or fight each other. Therefore, the space utilization rate of the broiler house is relatively high, and the breeding density of broilers is relatively large, so the number of each batch of broilers in the market is relatively considerable. Usually, as long as the farmers do a good job of air circulation and disease prevention in the chicken house, and increase the breeding density appropriately, they can sell more broilers on the market.


Benefit is fast.

Poultry can be grown quickly in battery cage systems. Generally, broilers have a cycle of 45 days, and poultry farmers can contact personnel to buy broilers. Next, a new round of broilers can be raised. After 45 days, you will be able to reap the benefits.

The market prospect of raising chickens is very broad, the survival rate of high-quality chicken breeds is high, the quality of raising chickens is delicious, and the market price is relatively high. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food quality are also getting higher and higher. The quality of farmed chickens is fresh and tender, healthy and safe, and there is no drug residue. Many consumers like it very much, and the market prospect is broad. For example, raising 5,000 chickens, after deducting the cost of breeding, can make a net profit of about $24,000 a year.

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