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How to efficiently clean and sanitize chicken farm with battery chicken cages?

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for chicken products is also increasing. Therefore, battery cage system in poultry for raising chicken are also becoming more and more popular. However, the environmental problems of chicken cages will directly affect the growth status and production efficiency of chickens. Therefore, the poultry cage manufacturers recommends cleaning and disinfection of the chicken cage.




Tips for Cleaning Chicken Battery Cages

Chicken manure, chicken feathers, feed, dust, etc. will adhere to the chicken cages. So cleaning the battery cage is very important. Over time, these things will scab and become very hard after weathering, and it is not easy to clean up. At this time, we need to disassemble the cage, but remember not to use a very hard brush, such as steel balls. no. Instead, soak the disassembled cage in water until the dirt is soaked and then rinse it off with clean water. Do not use cleaning agents during this process to avoid corrosion to the battery cages.


Chicken Cage Maintenance Method

The battery cage for layer can prolong its life if it is well maintained. poultry cage manufacturers suggest that when using chicken cages, we should pay attention not to pull, pull or close the door with force to reduce the collision between chicken cages. To keep the layer cages dry, do not rinse it with water or disassemble the chicken cage at will when it does not need to be cleaned. Just use it normally and follow the steps to clean it up on time.


How to Sterilize Chicken Cages?

In addition to cleaning the battery cage system for broilers, it is also important to disinfect the cage. Coops remain dense, so use spray or fumigation to sanitize them. If the disinfection is not clean, bacteria and viruses are easy to remain, which is not conducive to future breeding and disease prevention. When disinfecting, pay attention to the rotation and dosage of disinfectant. Before fumigation, close doors and windows, plug all gaps, and calculate the dose of the drug based on the volume of the cage. Open doors and windows for ventilation for 1-2 days after disinfection to prepare for hatching.


The above are the methods and methods of cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of chicken cages shared by poultry cage manufacturers.

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