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What are the advantages of automated chicken feeding system?

The automated chicken feeding system is mainly composed of cage systems, automated egg collection systems, automated manure cleaning systems, automated feeding equipment, automated lighting systems, and environmental control systems. When the equipment is designed, it adopts automatic control, and the operation mode is relatively simple. It is suitable for the intensive breeding of brooders, broilers and layers of different scales. Many chicken farmers now gradually feel that traditional chicken breeding equipment cannot meet their own needs. They are gradually moving from traditional artificial breeding equipment to automated breeding, and the breeding industry is developing towards intensification, planning, and standardization.

1. Improve production efficiency, greatly increase production capacity, and have significant economic benefits

The unit space breeding density of the automated chicken breeding equipment is extremely high, the breeding output is large, and the efficiency can be reasonably doubled. If chickens are raised in flat or shed, they will take up more space. If you use an automated poultry battery cage system to raise the density, it can be said that the chicken house with the same floor area will raise more chickens.

The use of automated chicken breeding equipment, professional manure removal and feeding equipment, so that the manure in the chicken house can be cleaned out in time, and it also ensures that the chicken house environment is clean and pollution-free, and provides good housing for the chickens. In the environment, the use of an automatic feeding system to feed the chickens can ensure uniform feeding, so that the uniformity of chicken growth can be improved, and the laying hens can increase the egg production rate.

2. Reduce manpower and greatly reduce production costs

The use of automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens can automatically perform work instead of labor. This can save farmers the use of labor costs and reduce the cost of labor for farmers. The use of automated equipment is more convenient for mechanized operation, which can increase labor productivity to a large extent, that is, greatly reduce labor costs.

3. Easy to manage and reduce breeding risks

The use of automated poultry farm equipment can ensure the environment of the chicken house. For example, the manure cleaner can automatically clean manure regularly, and timely clean up the manure produced by the chicken flock, so that the chance of bacteria and ammonia gas in the chicken house is reduced. The chicken house environment is good, and the chickens grow naturally. In particular, the longitudinal ventilation of the stacked cage house is large, the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the airflow on the horizontal manure belt are stable, and the chicken manure is naturally dried. The manure is loose with chicken manure, not sticky, and has little peculiar smell, which greatly improves the air environment in the house.

The automatic equipment can automatically adjust the air inlet, oxygen content and humidity through the automatic ventilation system. It can ensure the healthy growth of chickens and the safety and high quality of eggs, and realize the automatic management of temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting distribution, and fan wet curtains in the house.

The automated equipment adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to disease control and drug residue control, which creates conditions and lays the foundation for achieving the requirements of chicken hygiene and safety. Layers and broilers are of good quality, which is conducive to exports, improves market competitiveness, and provides a guarantee for effectively responding to foreign technical barriers. The use of fully automatic poultry breeding equipment is the current direction to achieve intensive, standardized, efficient and high-quality breeding of layer and broiler chickens.



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