21 Jun

What are the advantages of the closed chicken house?

There are more and more people raising chickens. The knowledge about building chicken houses should be better understood. Closed chicken houses are also called fully enclosed windowless houses. The roof and the four walls of the chicken house are well insulated; there are no windows on all sides, and the house is mainly adjusted by manual or instrument control, resulting in an "artificial climate" in the house, so that it is as close as possible to the best physiological body of the chicken. The need for function.


(1) The conditions are controllable, in line with the physiological and production requirements of the chicken, the house is stable, not susceptible to natural conditions, and the production is stable and safe; the artificial control operation technology is beneficial to control the growth and development of the chicken.

(2) Intensive and standardized chicken house construction generally requires a large amount of financial resources. The number of breeding is generally more than 10,000. The number of chickens per unit area is large and the land utilization rate is high.

(3) Saving manpower and reducing the cost of feeding The ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking water and epidemic prevention of closed chicken houses are mechanical and electronic artificial control, which will reduce the manpower required for production, and at the same time Advancement, the waste of feed man-made will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing production costs while increasing production efficiency.

(4) Isolation and disinfection is good, and cross-contamination is less. Because closed-type chicken houses and isolation are better, the chances of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the chicken house entering and leaving the house will be reduced, and the sterilization in the house can be controlled in a certain space. Such opportunities for cross-contamination will be greatly reduced, which is conducive to the prevention and control of diseases, especially major animal diseases.

(5) Good disease control, low-cost closed house with low cross-contamination, good controllability in the house, small impact on the flock, and low incidence of flocks, compared with other types of chicken coops, Even if the flock is infected with the same epidemic, the mechanization of the application makes the medication more scientific, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is lower.

(6) Under normal conditions, it can be normally produced under extreme conditions. In case of high temperature, high cold, high humidity, etc., closed chicken houses are controlled by complete human conditions. No matter what extremes, they can use artificial energy to consume a lot of energy. Therefore, normal production can still be organized in extreme cases in poultry cages for sale.

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