22 Apr

What problems are easy to raise chickens?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the chicken industry, many people have begun to use chicken battery cages to raise chickens, and many new problems have begun to plague farmers. If farmers want to achieve better economic benefits in raising chickens, the following issues should be regulated.

Blind introduction Some farmers only buy chicken seedlings when they buy chicken seedlings. They do not choose chickens with good varieties, healthy and disease-free, and strong adaptability. As a result, the survival rate is low, the growth rate is slow, and no money can be earned. Some farmers simply pursue profits, do not consider local natural conditions and breeding conditions, blindly pursue new varieties. Some breed broilers together with laying hens, some will raise different batches of chickens, and some even buy chicks from infected areas, which will bring difficulties to feeding management.

Feeding method is wrong

1. Add material to work. The feed powder contains more nutrients such as amino acids, multivitamins and trace elements, while chickens have the habit of eating large grains. If the feed is too much, the chickens eat a large amount of large feed, resulting in the proportion of nutrients invested. Unbalanced, affecting chicken growth and egg production rate.

2. Suddenly refueling. Due to factors such as the growth stage of the chicken, the market price and other factors, when the feed needs to be replaced, if the feed is suddenly changed without transition, it is easy to cause the chicken to be stimulated and even cause death.

Poor management

1. The disinfection system is not perfect. The vast majority of chicken farmers lack understanding of the concept of disinfection system, 90% of professional housing is very strict, but there is no disinfection pool at the door of the chicken house; 80% of professional households do not wear disinfection suits and shoes at all; 30% Professional households are closely related to their neighbours, and they are allowed to enter and exit the chicken house. The internal and external environment is poor. 50% disinfection method is single, only focusing on air disinfection, not paying attention to drinking water and feed disinfection, while most of the water used by village farmers is polluted on the surface. Well water.

2. Ignore elimination and overemphasize the survival rate. On the one hand, some farmers do not eliminate weak chickens and chickens in the reserve chickens. On the other hand, they ignore the elimination of old and low-yielding hens, and do not pay attention to calculating the ratio of input to output, thus affecting economic benefits.

3. The faeces are piled up, and the sick and dead chickens are thrown. 80% of the professional households did not harmlessly treat sick and dead chickens. They were thrown upside down on the roads, behind houses, in idle areas, and encountered rainwater. The manure flowed through the ground, seriously polluting the surface water, and infected with the pathogens. Some farmers often slaughter chicken at the door of the chicken house, or throw the dead chicken to dogs and cats at random, without disinfection, which may easily cause outbreaks in the flock.

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