09 Aug

Why are Chickens Malnourished?

The lack or excess of certain nutrients in the feed can affect the normal development of the chicks and cause malnutrition. Because there are also differences between individual chickens, the tolerance is also very different, and the growth rate will be uneven. Even when feeding a comprehensive feed of nutritional value, the chickens that produce the advanced food will be robbed of the large feed, and the chicks that eat after eating can only eat small feeds, and the small feeds of the flour.

The content is too low, and the minerals contained are too low, which will cause malnutrition in the chicks, block growth and development, and cause a vicious circle, making the chickens with weaker body weaker. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the proportion of each nutrient in the preparation of feed, and secondly, pay attention to the way of feeding and the form of feed when the feed is placed, to avoid the phenomenon of large block, which should be taken care of during the delivery. All chicks, avoiding some chicks not eating feed.

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