18 Sep

Why use automated poultry farming equipment to raise chickens

The aquaculture industry is now also leading a new development direction in the development of modernization. Now, with the increase of breeders, the equipment used in many farms is gradually automated. Just like the investment and use of fully automated chicken farming equipment in a chicken farm. It has brought great convenience to many broiler breeding experts, and saved a lot of manpower for many breeders in the breeding process. So, what are the advantages of fully automatic chicken farming equipment are described below. What is the effect of fully automatic chicken farming equipment? We can understand from several aspects.


Save labor: Livestock farming and chicken farming is an industry that requires high investment in the early stage, and labor costs are also a headache for every scale chicken farmer. Investing in the purchase of fully automatic poultry breeding equipment can solve the problem of personnel wages once and for all.


Reduce chicken disease infection: Chicken farmers are afraid of avian influenza. There is avian influenza and eggs cannot be sold. All chicken farms are in deficit. If it continues, many chicken farmers cannot continue. The possibility of large-scale avian influenza in automated chicken farms has dropped significantly.


Farm automatic chicken manure cleaning equipment, you can use buckets, bucket trucks and other commonly used tools for manual cleaning of chicken manure, many large-scale investors choose machines to clean manure, install manure scraping equipment or conveyor belt cleaning machines in the cage to achieve automatic cleaning Feces, reduce labor costs.


Large-scale equipment is generally automatic feeding, and various feeding systems and automatic drinking systems are installed in cages, which greatly reduces labor costs.


Increased economic benefits: No matter how much they care about economic benefits, broiler farming is to make money. In chicken farms, the rational use of fully automated chicken farming equipment can effectively save company employees' wage costs, and there is no need to change cages frequently, saving farmers a small amount of money. Moreover, the fully automated chicken breeding equipment has high productivity and corresponding economic benefits.

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