17 Oct

How to choose the appropriate layer cage specifications and materials?

Each device has a different specification for each device. Equipment such as egg cages, because of the variety of sizes, there are many types of egg cage specifications. How can farmers choose the right size? This depends on the area of the farmer's own chicken house. The farmers can consult the technicians of the poultry equipment manufacturer. The technicians will recommend you, and the quality poultry farming equipment manufacturers can also customize the equipment.

Layer chicken cages are the basic equipment for laying hens, so it is very important to choose the proper size and material of the layer battery cage. So how to choose the egg cage? The author will introduce:

1. Usually layer rearing equipment are divided into two types: battery and stepped. Different types have four different sizes. Calculate the appropriate egg cage specifications according to the area of your house.

2. When purchasing the layer chicken cage, the farmer should pay attention to the design of the angle of the egg at the bottom of the cage. The angle of the egg should be accurate. If the angle is not suitable, the egg will not come out. Or the angle is too big and the eggs are struck by each other. The general suitable angle is around 7-8 degrees. The farmers should pay special attention when purchasing.

3. When purchasing the layer cage, pay attention to the connection between the egg cage and the bottom cage of the layer cage. The point of the connection should be fine, and there should not be too much clearance. If the gap is too large, it may cause the egg to fall, which will affect the efficiency of the chicken farm.

4. The most important point is the choice of layer chicken cage material. When observing, the farmer should pay attention to check whether the wire of the egg cage is tough. The egg cage with better toughness will not scratch or damage the laying hen.

The above five points are introduced by the author, and some points for the farmers to choose the size and material of the egg cage. I hope that I can help the farmers, if there is any doubt about the egg cage, the farmers consult the professionals of the poultry equipment manufacturers.

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