09 Mar

Using automatic chicken raising equipment can reduce feed waste

When our market personnel conducted market research, they found that many farmers had a headache when raising chickens about how to reduce the waste of feed. Because the cost of feed will almost account for 60-70% of the cost of raising chickens. Is there any feasible way to reduce the cost of feed?


Poultry equipment manufacturers believe that in order to reduce the production cost of chicken raising and increase the economic benefits of chicken raising. For farmers, it is necessary to increase income and reduce expenditure. That is to find low-cost feed products of the same quality while reducing feed consumption and waste.


For low-priced feed products, farmers need to do relevant market research when purchasing. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment reduces the purchase price of feed and saves production costs. The transportation distance of feed can also be shortened appropriately. Because transportation costs are also included in the price of the feed itself.



For reducing feed consumption and waste. It is necessary for farmers to reduce the water content of the feed itself when purchasing. Ensure that the nutrients in the feed will not decrease with the increase of moisture. It is also necessary to adopt a good feeding method and use the energy-saving trough in the automatic chicken raising equipment to reduce the waste of feed.


Due to the increase in market demand and the increase in labor costs, fully automated chicken raising equipment is more and more widely used in various large farms. Because the drinking water technology, automatic feeding technology, wet curtain evaporative cooling technology, vertical ventilation technology and welfare and healthy breeding technology in the fully automatic chicken breeding equipment can provide convenience for many farmers, on the one hand, reduce labor costs. On the other hand, it also increases the income of farmers.


In addition, the emergence of fully automated chicken raising equipment is helpful for further strengthening chicken raising engineering technology, environmental regulation, manure treatment and utilization, breeding facilities and equipment, etc. It also has good significance for accelerating the organization and industrialization of the animal husbandry industry structure, improving the overall scientific and technological level of the chicken industry, and ensuring the healthy and sustainable development of the chicken industry.

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