28 Dec

What are the special equipment for raising chickens?

The special equipment for raising chicken equipment means that the farmers can use the equipment when raising chickens, and the chicken equipment is more and more automated, which can realize the processes of automatic feeding, drinking water, clearing the dung, cooling the curtain, etc., without each work. The households are personally involved, so what types of equipment are needed for chicken equipment?

First. layer chicken cage: layer chicken cage is a popular form of broiler chicken. The reason is that the design of the egg cage provides a comfortable environment for the chicken to make the chicken better during the feeding process. The role.

Second. Broiler cage: broiler cages for sale specially made for broiler breeding. From chicks to slaughterhouses, chicks do not need to be caged, eliminating the trouble of catching chickens and avoiding possible adverse reactions.

Third, the decontamination system: The automatic decontamination machine is a kind of farm cleaning equipment that uses the power of multi-pole rotation to achieve the purpose of repeated decontamination, which can improve the environment and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Fourth. Feeding system: The feeding machine is specially used for loading and unloading equipment in cages.The machine has a unique structure, novel and practical, saves time and effort, uniform feeding and less loss. The feeding machine can realize 10,000 chickens for 40 minutes to complete the feeding, which is very convenient.

Fifth. Environmental Control System: Precise control technology ensures saving feed and reducing energy´╝îThe amount of consumption, interface operation software is easy to manage.

Sixth. Ventilation and cooling system: The ventilation and cooling system includes a fan and a cooling curtain.

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