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02 Dec

Three notes for the construction of broiler breeding equipment

Three notes on the construction of broiler breeding equipment. Everyone is no stranger to using broiler battery cages to raise chickens. Adopting broiler cages first requires the establishment of a scientific and reasonable chicken farm, so what issues need attention? How to build a perfect chicken farm? The following author combines the suggestions of poultry breeding equipment suppliers to give you professional guidance.

1. Heating equipment. As long as the purpose of heating and insulation can be achieved, electric heating, water heating, coal stoves, and even fire pits, floor rafters and other heating methods can be selected, but it should be noted that coal stoves are dirty and prone to gas poisoning, so chimneys must be added. When designing a house, pay attention to heat insulation.

2. Feeding equipment. Food troughs are mainly used. Long cages are used for caged chickens. This feeding method can also be used for flat rearing, and bucket feeding can also be used. The shape of the trough has a great influence on the feeding of chickens. The trough is too shallow and there is no edge protection, which will cause more feed waste. The use of cage brooding can use stencils or three-dimensional multilayer brooders. In addition to flat-line breeding of reared chickens, overlapping or step-type rearing cages are often used. Farmers often adopt 60-70-day-old direct transfer to laying hen cages. Laying hens are basically caged. At present, there are many suppliers of breeding equipment for producing cages. Farmers can purchase equipment according to the situation. Then there is equipment for decontamination. Generally, regular decontamination is performed manually on a chicken farm, and mechanical decontamination can be used on a larger scale.

3. Ventilation equipment. The closed chicken house must be mechanically ventilated. According to the direction of airflow in the house, it can be divided into two types: horizontal ventilation and vertical ventilation. Horizontal ventilation refers to the direction of airflow in the house perpendicular to the long axis of the house, and longitudinal ventilation refers to a ventilation method where a large number of fans are concentrated in one place so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house.

The above is the additional equipment for poultry breeding commonly used when raising broilers. With these additional poultry farm equipment, the chicken raising process can be more convenient.

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