08 Aug

Reasons for Increased Chick Mortality

Bacterial infection. Caused by vertical infection of the breeder or mistakes in hygiene management during egg storage, transportation, etc. Environmental management factors. Chicks in the first week have low ability to adapt to the environment and have low resistance. When the temperature is too low, the chicken is prone to pile up, which causes some chicks to breathe hard and suffocate to death. When the temperature is too high, it will cause the drinking water of the flock to increase, causing diarrhea. Therefore, to ensure the relative stability of the brooding environment, the normal physiological metabolism of the chicks, the survival rate of the chicks and the disease resistance can be ensured. The management personnel of the farm should clean the house in time. Best manufacturer of poultry equipment.

If it cannot be cleaned up in time, the chicken manure will be fermented, the temperature in the house will increase, and the feces and chicken feed will provide a good environment for the growth of pathogens, causing a large number of pathogens to grow. Infected the chicks. In order to reduce the mortality during brooding, farmers can purchase chicks in better chicken farms and, in conjunction with a good brooding environment, properly feed chicken feed with antibiotics.

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