20 Aug

The main conditions for the use of poultry breeding equipment and the construction of chicken farms

The development of the aquaculture industry is showing an upward trend. Many farmers want to build chicken farms. Do a good job in breeding projects. So what are the main conditions for using poultry farming equipment and building chicken farms?

First, the construction of a large-scale farm requires sufficient water and electricity supply. The higher the degree of mechanization, the stronger the dependence of the chicken farm on electricity. After all, poultry farming equipment and chicken battery cage system requires electricity. And chickens also need water resources. Chickens need to drink water. There must be substations and high-voltage transmission lines near the chicken farm, which not only saves the investment in the construction of the farm, but also guarantees the power supply




Environmental conditions. The biological characteristics of the chicken itself require that its breeding environment must ensure that it can grow healthily without affecting the surrounding environment. Therefore, attention must be paid to the surrounding environmental conditions when selecting a site. Building chicken farms in the middle of fruit trees or planting forest belts around chicken farms can effectively improve the chicken farm environment.


The products of the farms need to be transported out, and the feeds needed by the chicken farms need to be transported in continuously. If the location of the chicken farm is too remote, the transportation is inconvenient. Not only is it not conducive to the field's own transportation. The quality of the highway requires a solid ground and a flat road surface. Convenient for product transportation.

The chicken farm should be built on the sunny side, the chicken house can get enough sunlight, good ventilation in summer, and windshield in winter, which is conducive to the growth of chickens. Also understand the weather changes in the area. The highest temperature and duration in summer, the lowest temperature and duration in winter, rainfall, prevailing wind direction and frequency of wind, etc.

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