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What are the advantages of using battery chicken cages to raise chickens in Nigeria?

Why are poultry battery cages in Nigeria favored by Nigerian poultry farmers? There are definitely good benefits. Let's find out together today.

First of all, we can plan different types according to the age, sex, etc. of the chickens: layer chicken cages for sale, poultry chicken cages, broiler cages, etc. This is the first benefit of chicken cages explained in Nigeria.



  1. High degree of automation: automatic control can be realized, which greatly improves labor productivity, reduces costs, and improves breeding power.
  2. It can also effectively prevent epidemics, make chickens grow healthier, and provide a clean and comfortable environment.
  3. Make full use of the space of the chicken farmand greatly save the breeding site.
  4. Saving feed: chicken cages, reduce exercise and reduce excrement.
  5. Durable, corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant, with a service life of 15-20 years.

To sum up, here are the advantages of the poultry battery cage system. It is hoped that the above sharing can help more poultry farmers understand the poultry farming battery cage system.


What should broiler battery cage notice when chicken?

Layout of thepoultry house. The layout of the poultry house should be planned according to the site topography, terrain and other natural conditions. Broiler battery cages are easy to produce and manage.

Chicken cages is generally horizontal into a row, longitudinal into a row, namely each cages should be parallel and orderly comb arrangement, chicken cage systems production, cannot intersect. 



1,Check the lights. The use of broiler cages requires soft and bright light. It can reach all corners of the chicken coop. Don't have dark corners.

2, check the electrical wiring. Each electrical circuit must be carefully checked to prevent leaking connections. Chicken cage system chicken farm once the leakage of metal consequences unimaginable.

3,Check water line. Make sure cages pipes are leaky and impermeable.


To make sure there are no hidden dangers in the chicken cage systems. Must do the above inspection work. In addition, it is recommended that farmers, broiler cage breeding process, should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of poultry equipment and disinfection. In this way, we can work better for farmers. Increase the service life of equipment.


What is the difference between using different equipment for raising chickens?

To decide whether to raise chickens to make money, the first condition is to raise chickens well. To raise good chickens, poultry farming equipment price in Ghana is critical. Equipment for laying hens includes cage frame, drinking water, feeding machine, manure cleaning machine, egg picking machine, temperature control system, etc. Advanced mechanical equipment can create a more ideal living environment for chickens, greatly improve production efficiency.



One, different poultry equipment, different temperature control system.

The purpose of temperature control system is to provide suitable growth environment for chicken, make chicken live comfortably and create better benefits. When the temperature is too low, the energy in the chicken's feed generates heat to maintain body temperature, resulting in a sub-optimal feed to egg ratio. If the temperature is too high, chickens need to breathe more and drink more water to dissipate heat. The decrease in feed intake of chickens will also affect the laying rate and induce colds in chickens. Something goes wrong with the temperature control system, and tens of thousands of chickens can be wiped out. So buy equipment to buy regular manufacturers, to find quality assurance, after-sales service better manufacturers.


Two, different equipment, different service life.

It is recommended to choose LIVI machinery, production of battery layer cages for sale in Ghana, broiler cage, chicken cage, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic feeding equipment, etc. Breeding equipment reasonable structure, stable performance, durable. The equipment adopts galvanized aluminum magnesium plate, service life of more than 15 years.



Three, different equipment, save different labor

As we all know, with the increasing cost of manpower, farming, a social activity that once required a large amount of manpower, has now been replaced by machines and very few people. Now large-scale chicken farms are basically the use of automated chicken equipment. Automated chicken raising can save a lot of manpower, reduce chicken farm staff, improve the efficiency of feeding.



The most obvious advantage of using automatic poultry farming equipment in Ghana is to save the labor cost of farmers, farmers through the use of automatic chicken raising equipment can reduce the employment of manual. Before raising 50 thousand chickens may need more than a dozen people, after using automatic poultry equipment, just need 1-2 people.


Solve The Problem of Declining Egg Production Rate of Chickens

We know that declining egg production is a headache for all poultry farmers. Egg production is very important for commercial chicken production. Because your profits come from eggs, how to increase egg production is how to increase profits. Today, the layer cage manufacturers will explain how to solve the problem of the decline in egg production from three aspects.


Temperature Control in Chicken Farm

Temperature has a huge impact on chickens. Because chickens cannot perspire on their own. This requires finding ways to reduce the temperature of the chicken house. Use wet curtains, fans or spray water on the ground.

We thought that Zimbabwe customer using battery chicken cage in Zimbabwe said. When the temperature is high in the dry season, adjust the feeding time. The house temperature is low at 5-6 in the morning and 6-7 in the evening. This way the chickens can eat more food even in the hot dry season.



Feed Management

Feed is very important as the only source of food for birds in battery chicken cages. Especially when they start laying and peak egg production. Each chicken requires more feed to obtain a source of nutrients. Therefore, poultry farmers need to adjust the amount of feed.


Water Management

It is recommended that poultry farmers adopt poultry cage system. Because it can be equipped with an automated drinking water system. Provide chickens with a clean water source at all times. In the dry season, birds can also drink from sources of low water temperature.



What is the solution to producing thin century eggs

Constitute the egg shell thin elements of many, for example, nutrients, varieties, management and so on. In addition, the selection of automatic chicken raising equipment, temperature and ventilation are the main factors affecting eggshell thinness.


The temperature. Too high or too low a temperature in the hen house can affect egg shell quality. The reason is that temperature affects feeding and feed intake affects nutrient content.


Buy battery cage system. Quality - assured automated chicken raising facilities allow chickens to be taken good care of. Provide a good living environment.



Usually when the temperature is higher than 32℃. Chicken body heat is difficult, appetite is reduced, intake cut. Prolonged high temperatures can damage the nutrient balance of the chicken. Cause metabolic changes, so that the thyroid function of chickens reduced, resulting in lack of calcium in the chicken body. Easy to produce thin shell or soft shell eggs.


When the temperature drops below -12℃, the feed intake of chickens decreases and the eggshells become thinner. Therefore, it is cool in summer and warm in winter, so that the temperature in the chicken house should be kept between 15℃ and 25℃ as far as possible, and the concentration of energy, protein and minerals in the diet of laying hens should be adjusted according to the season to improve the laying rate and eggshell quality.



Ventilation. The effect of ventilation on the eggshell is affected by the concentration of harmful gases. When the chicken house is poorly ventilated, the concentration of ammonia gas is too high, it is easy to cause respiratory ammonia poisoning, so that the chicken body loses more carbon dioxide, resulting in the lack of carbonate ions that constitute calcium carbonate, affecting the absorption of calcium, thus resulting in the production of thin shell eggs. Therefore, automatic chicken equipment is often used in the chicken house for ventilation, timely cleaning of feces, to avoid too high ammonia concentration.



These are the four tips poultry equipment manufacturers shared to solve the problem. Let's hope poultry farmers don't panic when it comes to thin-skinned eggs and find a solution.


How do chickens living in battery cage systems get the best water intake?

Now the battery cage system in Ghana is the most common way of poultry farming. Chickens can be well cared for in chicken coops, and automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc. can be realized, so chickens living in poultry chicken cages for sale can get the best water intake.



The water consumption of chickens will be related to battery cage system, water consumption and season. The following is an introduction to the optimal water intake of chickens in different periods and conditions for poultry farmers.


  1. Increasing age: 1-6 weeks old chicks, 20-100 ml per chick per day; 7-12 weeks; young hens, 100-200 ml per hen per day; 200-230 ml per hen for poor hens; laying hens 230 to 300 ml.


  1. The ratio of water consumption to input power: under normal temperature (20°C), the amount of water added is 2 times; under high temperature environment (35°C), the amount of water added is 5 times.


  1. The amount of drinking water increases with the increase of egg production rate: the egg production rate is 50%, and the daily water required by laying hens is 170ml; after the egg production rate increases by 10%, the water consumption increases correspondingly by 12ml.


  1. Seasonal changes in water intake: 100 ml per chicken per day in winter, 200 ml per chicken per day in spring and autumn; 300 ml per chicken per day in summer.


The above is the chicken farming information shared by chicken farm equipment manufacturers for you. The use of battery cages systems has been proven to give chickens optimal water intake. Please feel free to use it for farmers who use chicken raising equipment.


Use poultry facilities to generate high profitability

Ecological breeding is the key project of modern agricultural project in China. But after the introduction of modern automatic poultry farming equipment price in Soulth Africa. All of these commercial eggs form a technology-intensive industry. Recently, we walked into this layer breeding base, ready to visit automated chicken farm.


Through two disinfection procedures, into the production base, the air can not smell any peculiar smell. The inside of the coop can only be viewed through a special glass wall. Inside the coop, feed, eggs and feces run through an automated conveyor belt manure cleaner, which removes the manure directly from the house. Eggs are also directly collected and processed by egg-picking machines and directly boxed for sale.




Poultry workers said that all the chicken houses are now under closed management, which will effectively isolate all sources of infection from the chicken houses. Then the use of automatic chicken equipment for feeding, now a chicken house 50,000 chickens only need a breeder to look after, which alone on the labor to reduce a large amount of expenditure.



The battery cage system price they use now includes automatic feeding, environmental ventilation, chicken manure cleaning, automatic drinking water, automatic egg collection, including chicken manure treatment equipment and many other advanced equipment. Now with this set of automated chicken raising system, let our breeding work become very easy, poultry farmers happy to say.


What to watch out for when using poultry farming equipment in South Africa

What does it take to use poultry farming equipment in South Africa? How to manage chickens in battery chicken cages? Today, poultry equipment manufacturers will explain to you three aspects.




  1. Health management

Use battery chicken cages whenever possible. Because this can clean up the feces as quickly as possible and reduce the spread of disease.


  1. Feed nutrition management

The farm should allocate nutrients according to the different breeds of laying hens and the nutritional standards of each growth stage. Different breeds of hens have different nutritional requirements during production. Farmers should customize the formula of laying hens according to the nutritional data of crude protein, metabolizable energy, calcium and phosphorus, methionine, lysine, linoleic acid and other nutrients required by the breed according to the breeding variety and breeding manual or nutritional data reference book. , and the actual production data.


  1. Lighting management

In general, gated homes use 10 hours of lighting per day for 17 weeks. Adjusted to 12 hours after 17 weeks. Open and semi-open houses use natural light. And 17 weeks, if the light time is less than 12 hours, adjust to 12 hours.


Using poultry farming equipment in South Africa is more convenient. Farmers no longer have to hire people to manage their chicken farms. Reduce human and material resources. If you are interested in poultry equipment, please leave a message to contact us.



Correct methods to reduce the rate of broken eggs

At present, the problem of broken eggs in domestic chicken farms brings larger losses to farmers. The daily rate of broken eggs is now around 18 percent of the daily output. This is a very high number. How to avoid such a situation? Next poultry equipment manufacturers will explain to you how to avoid egg breakage.



1.Increase the number of egg collection every day. Try to use automatic chicken equipment to collect eggs. Special attention is needed during peak egg production. Don't overdo it so as not to startle the chickens. Use the egg picker to collect the eggs after the movement should also be light.

2. flat chickens to ensure that the egg box is enough. Soft cushions should be laid at the bottom of the container, and cushioning pads should be used on the inside of the egg tank to cushion the impact.

3.Insist on checking the health status of chickens to prevent the occurrence of various diseases. Because there are a lot of diseases that not only cause the drop but the egg production plummets. It also makes the eggshell thinner. Directly leading to an increase in broken eggs.

4, breeding statistics of higher eggshell quality belongs to brown shell laying hens. The rate of shell breakage of brown eggs is generally lower than that of white eggs.

5, try to use automatic chicken raising equipment for feeding operation. Eliminate miscellaneous people to enter the chicken farm. Create a quiet and comfortable environment for chickens to grow and lay eggs.

6. From 48 to 58 weeks of age, a short hunger strike of 3 to 6 days is required. During this period, egg production will not be affected, and the rate of broken eggs can be greatly reduced.


The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers from 6 points to share the use of automated chicken equipment to reduce egg breakage rate. Here is a sincere proposal for poultry farmers to use poultry cage chicken. If you are interested, please leave a message.


Feeding and management of hens in chicken layer cages

In recent years, large - scale layer chicken cages  for sale have become the trend of The Times. I witnessed the breeding and management of one of them. I'll share it with you today.


Advantages of chicken battery cage system for raising chickens:


1,Make full use of building space and reduce the site and construction investment cost of each chicken.

2, feed rate of return is high, chicken has a strong growth advantage.

3, easy to raise temperature, save energy, the fuel cost of each chicken is greatly reduced.

4,Intestinal diseases have been greatly reduced.

5, can early detection of illness, facilitate timely elimination, to control the disease of large groups of help.

6, can be in 40 days before the market, shorten the feeding cycle.

7, save medicine cost, each chicken medicine cost within one yuan.



Rearing and management of battery layer cages


Feeding management. It is better to feed it every morning. Automatic feeding system three times a day is ideal. Use the trough, manual add to pay attention to add evenly. And feed in time. To prevent hungry chickens from trample on food. Every afternoon, the keeper should check whether there is an empty tank and fill it in time.

Drinking water management. Ensure water supply 24 hours a day. Should often check whether the waterline blockage, this problem is a headache for every chicken farm, early detection, early maintenance is very important.

Fecal treatment. When cleaning feces, there will be some feces landing, cleaning should be sprinkled with water to prevent dust flying. An automatic manure scraper saves a lot of trouble.

Ventilation management. Ventilation is the most important work in the breeding process. Dare to air, can air to raise a good chicken. battery chicken cages raised chicken houses generally need to have skylights, side Windows and longitudinal fans, which are the basic conditions for ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is: 1, timely discharge of harmful gases in the house, 2, the input of fresh air (oxygen), 3, moderate regulation of the house temperature. Cage broiler is three-dimensional breeding, chicken more, density, poor ventilation will cause anoxia, which is the later ascites of the kind of reason.


The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers to share the advantages of cage hens and breeding management. Hope the above sharing can help poultry farmers to better develop chicken projects.


How to control the temperature and density in battery cage system?

The control of temperature and density in the chicken cages plays an important role in the successful discovery of health in poultry farming. The emergence of battery cage system is more conducive to chicken farmers. Today in the poultry equipment factory, we will learn to control the temperature and density of the chicken battery cages.


Battery cage system to raising chicken control temperature

(1) into the chick before the control of temperature in the chicken cage for layer

The poultry cage system adopts the whole house to raise chicks. Adjust the insulation equipment in the chicken house before raising chicks. Check radiator and pipe for leakage and no heat phenomenon. Avoid blind spots.

Into the chicken house before heating to 26 deg C, to keep warm in advance. Because cage broilers adopt the method of raising chicks in whole house, the space for raising chicks is larger, so the temperature in the chicken house should be adjusted to avoid the phenomenon of temperature difference being too large.


(2) Control of temperature in chicken house during growing period

The incubation period of laying hens refers to the period from 7 days of age to market, from the incubation period to 0.5℃ per week, and from 21 days of age to market, the temperature is maintained at about 26℃.


(3) Control of temperature in chicken house during brood period

Cage - reared laying hens are reared at high temperature. The incubation temperature was 33℃, then decreased by 0.5℃ every week. This is because chicks at 7 days of age have a low ability to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, the brood house temperature should be kept constant for 7 days of age. Farmers should always check the temperature in the chicken house, to avoid the high and low temperature, resulting in reduced resistance of chicks.



Control density of laying hens in layer battery cages for sale

(1) Density control in chicken house during brood rearing

The combination of whole house rearing and upper cage rearing was adopted for laying hens in battery cage rearing. The number of chicks in each cage is 25. Adopt full house brood so there is no crowding problem.


(2) Density control in chicken house during growing period

The rearing density of cage-raised chickens is related to the season. Low stocking density in summer. Winter stocking density can be appropriately increased. It is generally controlled to feed 8-9 birds per cage.


The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers to share with you the use of battery cage system. We believe that the use of automatic chicken equipment can better develop the poultry industry.



What are the preparations for large-scale chicken raising?

With the increasing market demand for eggs and chicken. Many users want to use poultry farming equipment in Nigeria to join the army of raising chickens, in order to improve their efficiency. For novice farmers, it is important to learn and prepare all aspects of raising chickens before raising them. So what do you need to prepare for raising chickens



  1. Adjust the temperature before entering the chicken

Chickens are raised from chicks. A chick is a newborn chick. Every function of the body is not growing well. So need relatively high temperature to be able to adapt to the environment, healthy growth. So before you let the chicks into the coop. Farmers should adjust the temperature of the hen house in advance, and adjust the temperature of the hen house to more than 28℃. Then gradually lower the temperature as the chicks grow.


  1. Disinfect the chicken before entering it

Novice farmers' chicken farms are mostly newly built. A lot of farmers think there is no need to disinfect, in fact. Whether new or old, carefully disinfect the battery chicken cage system before entering the chicken. In this way, we can ensure the hygiene and health of the chicken coop. It is recommended that farmers should thoroughly disinfect the chicken coop within a week before entering the chicken.


  1. Check whether the poultry farming equipment is complete

Raising chickens requires a lot of equipment. Equipment such as chicken cage system, feed trough, water tank, water fountain, lighting equipment, thermometer and syringes. These appliances should be purchased before raising chickens. This can not panic in the process of raising chickens. Need what appliance can be found in time, unnecessary to buy, waste of time.


  1. Purchase good vaccines and immunizations

In the process of raising chicks, in order to prevent all kinds of infectious diseases. Farmers need to immunize their chicks in time. So before raising chickens, farmers should first learn what kind of immunization needs to be carried out at the stage of chicks, and then choose good vaccines and immunizations.


How to control the temperature of chicken house using automatic chicken raising equipment

Summer is just around the corner. For the use of fully automatic chicken raising equipment for farmers. Prepare ahead of time for summer cooling. It can guarantee the healthy growth of chickens to a certain extent.


Proper placement of thermometer

The length and width of the standard chicken house are large, and the temperature in the chicken house is unstable. Care should be taken to place thermometers properly to obtain the average temperature in the chicken house.


Cooling measures in Summer

In summer, you can use wet curtain to reduce the temperature of the hen house, and pay attention to the time when the wet curtain is opened, so that the temperature of the hen house will not be too low, or the temperature of the hen house will be fickle, so that the chicken may catch a cold.



Density problem

Focusing on density in cages actually means observing the different feed intake of each cage chicken and adjusting the number of cage chickens to achieve even feed consumption.


The immune problem

When immunized, chickens in battery layer cages are often treated with an automated drinking water system. When immunizing, attention should be paid to the control of vaccine dose and drinking time.


Automatic poultry cage systems for layer are widely used in the world

Until now, there has been a situation in the poultry industry where people prefer to choose and use automatic poultry cage systems to raise laying hens. As the best choice for raising laying hens.



Poultry farming equipment has such advantages

  1. Modern poultry farming equipment has the characteristics of automation. That is, it can be controlled by computer to realize micro-environment control such as automatic feeding, water supply, temperature and humidity control. Greatly reduce people's burden and reduce labor costs.


  1. A closed breeding environment can greatly reduce external influences such as the spread of avian influenza by wild birds. Reduce the risk of chicken death.



  1. Buy battery layer cages allows you to choose more chickens in the coop and increase the breeding income. The utilization rate of the chicken house can be increased by more than 3 times.